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Young master hai was startled when he heard the words, but he stepped forward immediately without further ado sure enough, such a vicious scheming after han li s spiritual thoughts.

Different places, after his observation, the restrictions of the formations should be similar although these restrictions are extremely subtle and strict, it is not impossible for him who.

They heard tianyanzi s words, most people showed a look of bewilderment, and only a few people showed ecstasy when they heard it weeping blood spirit wood isn t this something that the.

Robe, and he could only vaguely see his hideous appearance, but he couldn t really see clearly of course, this can only stop those existences of the level of transforming gods and.

Is an old taoist, it is the real person of wangu from the baigumen there are not many really good things in this kind of auction even if there are treasures like the last two, they are.

Were eight gold armored wrestlers standing all around how to get over a plateau in weight loss them, each with a silver mask covering their faces, and their bodies were writhing with black evil spirit, looking mysterious and.

Been successfully refined, it needs to be cultivated with blood essence every once in a while, otherwise it may lose its proper transformation effect of course, this little trouble and.

Closed the door gently meanwhile, young master hai and qi lingzi looked around the room curiously, and finally their eyes fell on the window han li stepped forward in two calm steps, and.

The old woman obviously couldn t listen to these words of the black browed old man, and just waved her arms with a gloomy face the black browed old man sighed, he could only shut his.

Replacing catastrophe, but with his current mana Weight Loss Calculator rototex weight loss pill power, the effect of this talisman has become relatively greatly weakened even if it is cultivated for a long time, it will not be able to.

Long family the old woman said with a dark expression and forced a smile well, don t worry about your name, I have my own arrangements as for my father, I m afraid it won t work you don t.

Previous gloom and said with rate weight loss pills Weight Loss From Shark Tank a loving expression on her face long family, it seems that the person you captured is really troublesome hearing this, is designer whey protein good for weight loss the young man frowned and said.

Appeared in midair he looked at the ninth floor of this huge palace, but a huge forbidden map of the magic circle appeared in his mind although the nine yingxian palaces are located in.

Han li s face was covered with gray light, and in a flash of his figure, he saw the white light curtain passing through like nothing then a hole the size of a person appeared in the white.

Already introduced the origins and functions of the two items the power of wansen s dharma plate has also been demonstrated a little bit as for the map of the sky rising warship, I have.

Han li s mind turned quickly, and he was even more puzzled when peng jue saw han li standing there with such a weird expression, he was also a little surprised, but he didn t urge.

Immediately, a bloody aura shot up from the box, turning into a thick blood mist, circling and twisting in the air, like a blood colored strange snake tianyanzi took a deep breath, and.

Long to find out the identity of the occupant on the ninth floor of yingxian palace in the nearby market where many people gathered what, it s the long family sitting cross legged on a.

Listened to the auction items introduced by the white robed old man, his expression was always calm as usual since it was an auction held once every thousand years between the two races.

The reserve price of 20 million spirit stones, he stopped for almost a moment and did not immediately push the price soaring twenty two million twenty five million thirty million this.

Seek help from the master young debby knox weight loss surgery master hai said angrily I even slapped you come here and let me take a look han li was moved when he heard this, and he waved to young master hai of course.

Already had someone to appraise it, and it is absolutely true I know that many fellow daoists came .

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Metformin Weight Loss rate weight loss pills, rototex weight loss pill Weight Loss Calorie Calculator Shark Tank Weight Loss Liquid. here, and most of them came here for this map of the sky rising warship it s the idea of.

Fellow taoists in the cave I don t know if you can earn a few other things with other people after spending so much spirit stones after saying this, the avatar of the black wolf closed.

A certain clean and white street with both feet on the ground , but the strange thing is that he closed his eyes during the following time, sensing something on the street motionless.

Carefully inspected the blood tree, put it away carefully, and touched the empty storage bracelet, a wry smile appeared on the corner of his mouth rate weight loss pills Weight Loss From Shark Tank although he took a picture of the blood.

Reserve price of 80 million Weight Loss Calculator rototex weight loss pill spirit stones lihuo jiaowang said a few words, announced the reserve price of the wansen roulette, and started the auction of this treasure there are only a.

Inheritance technique is definitely not trivial how can I find two monks of the same level who have the inheritance the old rototex weight loss pill woman said viciously with a distorted face but the combined old.

Naturally understood the meaning of han li s words, and the expression on his face was both surprised and pleasantly surprised immediately, regardless of whether han li was still nearby.

Actually a black wolf demon, but it s just in the early stage of void refinement how could it be so generous could it be someone with a history in the wolf clan after the blue light.

Why didn t she just kill me and make such a fuss young master hai looked .

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Shark Tank All Sharks Invest Weight Loss rototex weight loss pill Alnwickanglican rate weight loss pills Weight Loss Calculator. at the black silkworm in the blue light, swallowed a few times dryly, but couldn t help asking did you say.

Slightly surprised, but agreed in unison without hesitation this is a keepsake, the specific method of contact, you all listen carefully han li flipped his palm, threw out half of the.

Wanbao conference naturally, they also know that the order of auctions in this auction Alnwickanglican rototex weight loss pill is slightly .

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rototex weight loss pill Regal Keto Shark Tank Episode, (The Best Diet Pills) rate weight loss pills Weight Loss Programs. different from that of ordinary auction conferences not all finale items will be.

Live in yingxian palace could it be because of this sentence that she didn t dare to kill her directly young master hai blinked his eyes, looking rototex weight loss pill a little surprised it should be, but she.

Stage monk, and his spirit root is does weight loss affect birth control effectiveness so common it seems that he has something to do with that combined old monster, but he definitely won t have a big connection as long as we also find a.

The fit monster it s a blessing in misfortune the black browed old man persuaded with a wry smile I know what to do, you don t need to say anything else, let s keep the little taoist here.

No expression on Shark Tank Keto Episode 2023 rate weight loss pills his face, like a puppet the old man was muttering something, and ejected spells one after another in his hand, and the cyan copper bell immediately let out clear chimes.

Small part to wrap young master hai and qi lingzi, and slowly fell to the ground han li himself turned into a blue rainbow Weight Loss Calculator rototex weight loss pill again and flew straight to his residence han li, who returned to.

The first item offered at this auction would make him a little tempted if there is a transformation puppet, if there is any fatal attack that cannot be resisted, I hope it will be.

Of saintess of the house spirit clan, and I have met fellow taoists although the woman had a smile on her face, her expression was neither humble nor overbearing, and she didn t look like.

While, and couldn t help but nodded in agreement after the two stayed can drinking hot water help with weight loss in the air for about half an weight loss pill walmart hour, han li suddenly raised his eyebrows we found it, but they actually headed towards.

Display much supernatural powers this catastrophe puppet is a famous treasure that has been handed down for a long time among the does studying cause weight loss human race, and it also has the miraculous effect of.

Will send you on the road silently and painlessly the old man murmured, and the expression on his face suddenly became extremely ferocious and the person on the ground was none other than.

A huge golden pagoda hundreds of feet high, standing there impressively han li was not afraid of what those monks from the long family would see about him, so he fixed his eyes on the.

Still called the first family of true spirits the old woman s face became a little gloomy, and there was a hint of resentment in her words okay, since mother has made up her mind, we d.

Fellow daoist xiao han li finally .

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rate weight loss pills Weight Loss Product On Shark Tank Optiva Weight Loss rototex weight loss pill Alnwickanglican. .

Which Multivitamin Is Best For Weight Loss ?

Metformin Weight Loss rate weight loss pills, rototex weight loss pill Weight Loss Calorie Calculator Shark Tank Weight Loss Liquid. asked hehe, I thought brother han didn t notice this girl as far as I know, this dai rototex weight loss pill er is a direct descendant of fellow daoist xiao, and she is well.

Platform below on the stage at this moment, there were two very strange looking people standing side by side impressively one person was two feet tall, and his body was covered in black.

But it was actually the remnant of rototex weight loss pill some kind of mutated wood attribute spirit clansman, and it was indeed rare even among the spirit clans the second incarnation and weeping blood lingzhu.

Naturally did not seem to have seen it, and stood there numbly, motionless rototex weight loss pill just as the old man was about to shake the copper bell in his Weight Loss Calculator rototex weight loss pill hand, suddenly a faint male voice echoed in the.

Other party hadn t said it was a token in advance, he would almost have thought that what he was holding was just a piece of black iron this is the traction order suspicion flashed in han.

Don t have any prejudice against the yaozu I just want to know about the situation and the situation of this gathering since there are people from the yaozu side participating, it seems.

Were clusters of auras flickering in each of the four corners of the stage, and there were faint three foot long silver flying rototex weight loss pill swords floating in the air inside under the stage, there.

Ordered of order, master upon hearing han li s words, young master hai couldn t help but cheer up, and hurriedly and respectfully rate weight loss pills Weight Loss From Shark Tank agreed I ll send you down, and after you try to find out.

Some inconspicuous and unnamed mountains that exist between the entire mountain range young master hai glanced in the direction of yingxian palace as soon as his feet landed on the.

From below suddenly stopped, and the entire giant hall became silent in an instant han li s complexion changed, he opened his eyes again, and looked through the window to the high.

Someone as long as I sit quietly for two days, I will be fine the old woman said coldly with her teeth gritted it s fine although the old man knew in his heart that the heart silk was.

And second floors exist, and immediately dispelled the urge to bid knowing that such treasures will naturally fall on the old monsters in the fusion period of the third floor, they will.

Woman was naturally overjoyed now that a decision has been made, the two of them have no intention of delaying, and immediately split up to act the old lady walked briskly, passed through.

Huge boat, it is jaw dropping, but once it is really refined, in addition to the benefits mentioned above, this boat can directly increase the combat power of more than a thousand people.

Family candace cameron bure weight loss han li, whose face changed drastically, took a deep breath, a black light flashed on his body, and two black scarves suddenly appeared the two things circled around han li, and.

Didn t you and I agree not to tell you about the real dragon blood in ming er s body you changed your mind again hearing what the old woman said, she couldn t help but look a little ugly.

Someone is interested in making inquiries, the identity of the auction winner can always be found out afterwards but something out of everyone s expectations happened the cave mouse king.

Forcibly photographed by an unknown yaozu man covered in long black hair at a high price of 73 million this result naturally made many human monks feel very depressed everyone knows that.

Ten bottles of rising sun pill that can improve the magic power of a body monk, a jade slip that records the skills .

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Shark Tank All Sharks Invest Weight Loss rototex weight loss pill Alnwickanglican rate weight loss pills Weight Loss Calculator. of a well known body monk who fell tens of thousands of years ago, and.

Anything however, han li didn t have any regrets there are countless materials and treasures on his body, but the chances of encountering something suitable like the weeping spirit blood.

Overwhelm these forces, at least it should not be too far behind thinking that he had offended this force, han li felt a little headache but fortunately, through previous contact with the.

Hand and touched the golden hair on his face, and said to himself the skin of this golden armed ape is really useful if so, it should be able to confuse the eyes and ears of the long.

S fine, but this person is really audacious, and he dared to admit that he did something to rob others at the wanbao conference do those monks who enforce the law don t care about it.

The third floor also kept sweeping towards it again obviously, the topmost beings of these two races weight loss phoenix became suspicious of the same feeling but under the watchful eyes of such a powerful.

The mid stage of void refinement is rototex weight loss pill Trim Life Keto Shark Tank really quite famous the old man in white robe naturally smiled, rushed around and saluted again, and said directly fellow daoists have come here so.

Gray light, and with a flicker, it disappeared into qi lingzi s body then the old man opened his mouth again do dieticians help with weight loss and spewed out a can b12 help with weight loss cloud of black air, inside which was a green copper bell that.

Go find rototex weight loss pill me on the hill closest to here I ll wait for you there han li gave another instruction, and with a flick of his sleeve, he sent a bag of hai dashao directly to the ground in a.

Risk of its exposure is reduced to the extreme as long as the ancestor of the long family didn t suddenly scan the entire castle with his divine sense for no reason, he thought he wouldn.

Ignored our family all these years madam, let me just forget about it the old man can weight loss cause gastritis was obviously rational, and persuaded with a wry smile that s Weight Loss Calculator rototex weight loss pill right we girls from the long family can t.

Informed I don t know if fellow daoist han has heard of it there may be a big catastrophe for our two races within a thousand years you and I may not be able to stay out of it wangu.

Spirit race regards as a sacred object how could this kind of thing appear in the auction of our two races some monks who knew the origin of this object couldn t help losing their voices.

Dragon and gained some supernatural powers although I haven t left the house, I have vaguely heard some of your conversations the young man said with a smile it turns out that it s just a.

Matter concerning the woman was not a secret matter, and han li naturally obtained the information he wanted easily not long ago, there was indeed such a woman described by young master.

Hesitation this time, the black wolf incarnation of tiankui wolf king didn t bid immediately, but after a flash of coldness in his eyes, he said coldly can sleep help weight loss dongtian, do you want to shoot this.

Light curtain, but han li disappeared without a trace however, the .

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rototex weight loss pill Shark Tank Keto Pills Episode, Healthy Meals For Weight Loss rate weight loss pills Buy Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink. hole quickly became smaller and closed at a speed visible to the naked eye, and it recovered in a blink of an eye, and.

Could it be that dai er was the girl xiao hong took away from him back then back then, dai er was a mixed race of human beings and demons, and her background seemed to .

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(Best Pill For Weight Loss) rototex weight loss pill Alnwickanglican rate weight loss pills Weight Loss Pill On Shark Tank. have a lot of.

T be easily discovered by others with such thoughts in his heart, han li no longer hesitated to act as soon as the black glow rolled over his body, he flew out of the mist and flew.

Thinking too much fellow daoist, this decision is definitely a wise move the old daoist s invitation went surprisingly smoothly, and he couldn t help but said overjoyed next, it is.

Doesn t seem impossible at all keto weight loss pills dischem I heard that this girl is not a pure heifeng tribe, but a mixed race of human and monster peng jue said with a smile, looking like a joke even though the.

The old man also smiled broadly as a result, the human and the monster flew down with their shoulders hooked, and they no longer had the slightest interest in looking back at the.

White robe rushed around and cupped his hands again, then walked on regardless of the reaction of the audience even though many of the people in the hall had heard of aliens appearing at.

Series of quotations of 45 million and 5 million passed through the dharma plate in a blink of an eye, and directly surfaced on a light curtain best granola for weight loss above the rototex weight loss pill high platform in what s the best prescribed weight loss pill the end, it was.

Possible to become a spiritual treasure one hundred thousand, start now tianyanzi said loudly after introducing the items on the plate this kuaiyin silk crystal was not in the eyes of a.

Browed old man let out a scream at the next moment, and his body flew upside down like a sack almost at the same time, another big golden haired hand appeared in front of the old woman.

Inspires the blood of the real dragon the old man shook his head and said hearing what the old man said, the old woman s face twitched a few times, but she was speechless for a moment.

And the usual production of silver crystals is not enough for xuanwu city to digest this time, such a large one appeared, which immediately attracted many interested eyes four Shark Tank Keto Episode 2023 rate weight loss pills million a.

Asked respectfully at this moment no need, this one is fine han li glanced at it and said calmly the junior will leave rototex weight loss pill first if senior han has any orders, just summon him, the junior will.

Bottleneck however, some high level existences of the two races, who vaguely knew that the catastrophe broke out in the near future, naturally thought differently many monster races with.

Not waste any more effort and in the huts on the third floor, there was silence for a while, and no one called out the price first after a short while, countless rays of light and beast.

Mysterious dongtian mouse king among the seven demon kings it seemed that he was quite at odds with the tiankui wolf king, and they had never fought against each other before hearing such.

Forward for more than a hundred feet, .

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  • 1.Does Complete Keto Diet Pills Work
  • 2.How To Increase Metabolism Fast Weight Loss
  • 3.Can Diarrhea Lead To Weight Loss
  • 4.Does Abortion Pills Cause Weight Loss
  • 5.Is Semo Good For Weight Loss

(Trim Life Labs Keto Pills Reviews) rate weight loss pills, rototex weight loss pill Shark Tank Keto Drink Keto Bhb Shark Tank. and cannabis weight loss when his eyes lit up, he walked to the edge of the fog not far away, there appeared a pale golden castle surrounded by walls more than ten feet.

To ask for it through other means master wan gu said with a smile on .

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  • 1.How To Manifest Weight Loss 369
  • 2.Does Pumping Breast Milk Help With Weight Loss

rototex weight loss pill Regal Keto Shark Tank Episode, (The Best Diet Pills) rate weight loss pills Weight Loss Programs. his face, and took out something from his sleeve then with a flick of his wrist, he threw the object in his hand.

Long golden hair, completely covering his face at the same time, his eyes flashed blue, and his pupils suddenly turned dark blue, filled with an indescribable tyranny han li raised his.

Arouse the blood of the real dragon, so naturally we don t pay much attention to it but don t forget, ming er has the blood of the long family, and you and I personally checked the blood.

Without thinking, and immediately turned into a Shark Tank Keto Episode 2023 rate weight loss pills huge bell and fell down, rototex weight loss pill trying to trap qi lingzi in it the old woman at the side reacted even more quickly, her complexion changed.

Fellow daoists behind this exchange meeting are really interesting mr han would like to thank the real person for sending this order han li was slightly surprised, and immediately thanked.

Didn t care about the number of spirit stones how to count macros for weight loss for beginners at all, and he looked extremely wealthy and this black haired demon clansman, except for his bare arms, was covered by a hazy yellow leather.

There is no bid after three times, it will belong to senior tiankui first I give out 60 million spirit stones just as tianyanzi yelled, an unusually old voice came from the third floor.

Hesitation the purple robed old man shook his head without hesitation hearing what the purple robed old man said, the old lady was greatly disappointed, with an ugly expression on her.

Suddenly changed from 65 million to 70 million the sudden change in the price of 670,000,000 for the first time caught tian yanzi, who thought that the ownership of the blood tree had.

Won t do anything it s the feeling of drilling into the cave, it s also uncomfortable the old voice snorted and replied unceremoniously the owner of this voice was actually the most.

Soft hey came from a room on the third floor, followed by a chuckling woman s voice, echoing in the hall at this moment, the entire hall, no matter on the first floor or on the second and.

Deputy city lord peng said so, he obviously didn t take it seriously brother peng is really joking I only asked this question because I saw that this woman has a unique temperament and is.

Feel that the other party s breath is somewhat different from that of ordinary human races at the moment when the divine sense sweeps across the woman s body however, han li had no divine.

Know that any girl from the long family who doesn t obey the arrangement of the clan and insists on marrying a foreigner is not a member of the long family in addition, my father s.

Intense offer suddenly surged, which is far better than the previous items in almost a moment, the price of this crystal flame silk has doubled, which is already a sky high figure but.

This time and even some other existences in the fusion stage received some news, and they came for a certain finale item of this auction therefore, is there hypnosis for weight loss even though this piece of blood wood is.

The spar is only the size of a fist, but there is a layer of natural patterns on the surface, the pattern is shining with silver, as if countless silver threads are integrated into the.

Daoists, most of the fellows we will meet this time are from the monster race master wan gu was startled at first, but .

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rototex weight loss pill Shark Tank Keto Pills Episode, Healthy Meals For Weight Loss rate weight loss pills Buy Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink. said defensively the real person doesn t need to explain anything i.

He didn t say anything in the end okay, this matter is not irreparable don t bring up the matter about that kid before my elder brother if the fit old monster doesn t come to the door, it.

After an unknown amount of time, he opened his eyes with a gloomy expression, and said a few words to himself in a low, inaudible voice the induction was cut off it seems that someone.

It would mean if qi lingzi appeared here that s right at such a short distance, some restrictions and shields can t stop my induction at all han li said with a twinkle in his eyes is that.

After seeing the large scale auctions of foreign races, there are really not many things that can interest him in the two races did alison moyet have weight loss surgery of humans and monsters therefore, he never expected that.

When he saw the giant ape the old woman s rolled eyes also flashed a hint of calculate my macros for weight loss free shock hehe, there is does high protein diet cause weight loss nothing impossible since you are so bold as to seek your own death, don t blame me for.

Mouth first, and walked towards qi lingzi boy, let you keep the inheritance artifact how to lose saggy skin after weight loss for a few more days it won t be long before the inheritance artifact will be named after my family no.

Rushing straight into the air, like a living thing puppet of transformation han li looked at this object, his eyes narrowed slightly he .

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Metformin Weight Loss rate weight loss pills, rototex weight loss pill Weight Loss Calorie Calculator Shark Tank Weight Loss Liquid. had heard of the weeping spirit blood tree before.

That it is worth a trip after the exchange meeting in the black domain is over, I will participate with fellow daoists I don t know what han li was thinking, but he agreed without.

Light super hd xtreme weight loss pills that was erratic he vaguely looked like rototex weight loss pill a big man with a bearded face, but his real appearance could not be seen clearly the other person s body is still a head taller than that of.

Flashed when he heard this no wonder fellow daoist han doesn t know her current face, and it was concealed by fellow daoist xiao with the illusion of a real feather of fundamental life.

Catastrophe and plan ahead although there are not many, I also know that this time the catastrophe is extremely ferocious, and it will definitely not be easy to get through after the.

Floor, but the black wolf monster who concealed his true colors as a result, the people of the two nearby tribes couldn t help is goat milk good for weight loss looking at him with incredible eyes some divine senses on.

Qi lingzi stood there obediently the auction of the last two treasures just now was indeed a strange event after dozens of fit monks competed, the wansen compass fell into the hands of.

The treasures Shark Tank Keto Gt rototex weight loss pill refined with this thing also have the effect of greatly calibrate weight loss pill increasing the magical power of the fire attribute I am afraid that many of the people sitting below are majoring in.

Seemed to stare at the wall in front of him, and when .

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rototex weight loss pill Shark Tank Keto Pills Episode, Healthy Meals For Weight Loss rate weight loss pills Buy Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink. it saw a black light, it shot out from it and hit the wall in a flash a strange scene appeared the nearby silver runes disappeared.

Out of thin air, and grabbed it like lightning with a , the black lotus in front of the old woman and the body protecting aura were torn apart, and the golden rototex weight loss pill Trim Life Keto Shark Tank haired big hand grabbed the.

His fingers, pouring wildly into young master hai s body after a while, a black filament was forcibly pulled out from young master hai s body wrapped in a ball of blue light as soon as.

Function of assisting the main body to cultivate and comprehend the skills how could they be sent away so easily another man s loud voice came from another room han li s expression moved.

Will probably exhaust the mana of an ordinary combined existence fellow daoists who take pictures of this treasure in a while, should be more careful as for the second treasure, it is a.

Cloud of blue light flashed on the storage bracelet, and a piece of fluffy golden animal skin was thrown out use one hand to form a formula, and the other hand to punch two things with.

As I know, there are at least three or four ways for a fit monk to make the planted spiritual mark easily hide from the spiritual scan of a monk in the emptiness stage although I haven t.

Eighty one kinds the yellow robed woman said that weight loss diets for women even a third level combined monk would be shocked by it as for the structure diagram of this qingtian is multigrain atta good for weight loss .

Are Spicy Noodles Good For Weight Loss

rate weight loss pills Optimal Max Keto Shark Tank (Best Supplements Weight Loss) rototex weight loss pill Alnwickanglican. warship the huge boat drawn in it.

Effect of isolating the power of divine sense induction as long as that person is not close at hand, you will not be able to find this little taoist priest in this way, your family can.

Better leave right away maybe the fit old monster will catch up to this how to use coconut oil pills for weight loss place soon the young man shook his head, but suddenly changed into a urging tone impossible I have searched the kid.

Reduce her troubles at the ten thousand Shark Tank Keto Gt rototex weight loss pill treasures conference and avoid being entangled by some people why, fellow daoist han is also somewhat interested in this fairy fengling girl, it.

Family, he will never dare to come to the door the old woman said with relief mr tianjing back then gave me a prescription to cure my internal diseases with inheritance objects your two.

One will be able to stop it then the old man murmured, and flipping it over with one hand, a cyan copper bell suddenly emerged and qi lingzi, who was restrained by the secret technique.

Imprinted with some extremely powerful magic circles it is impeccable in both attack and defense, and its flight speed is also extremely fast it is definitely an excellent treasure for.

These law enforcement monks will turn around and leave immediately when they see it han li sneered could it be that the old woman is a body fitting cultivator hearing this, young master.

Different appearances and some human monks who use various means to hide their rate weight loss pills Weight Loss From Shark Tank true faces will not give up the fight for this thing easily let the price of the spirit stone displayed on.

Means that this kid is not important at all let s rototex weight loss pill just leave long s house quietly after the wanbao conference is over in this way, he may not need to leave my side seeing the old man s.

Right, don t forget, my surname is also long, and the ancestor of the long family is my biological father let s leave immediately and live in yingxian palace where the long family is now.

The case, it s no wonder these people reacted like this qi lingzi also said with a smile the tianyanzi below here has announced the base price of the crystal flame silk, and a more.