Tower Project News Highlights 9th September 2020

  • An article for the Gazette which appears below.
  • The archeologist who is an expert in graffiti visits on Monday, there will be information from him soon after that.
  • The deposit on the bells and frame has been made which means that work can now begin on casting the new bells.
  • 5 of the engravings for the 6 Newton bells have been decided on.  The engraver can be commissioned when the final bell is sponsored, hopefully soon.
Tower Project News Highlights August 2020

• The faculty allowing the Project to proceed has been granted.
• All four new of the newly-cast bells have been sponsored in full
• Three of the six refurbished bells have now been sponsored in full and two more set aside to be inscribed “Ring out for Alnwick” and “Ring out for St. Michael’s”.
• Generous contributions have already been received towards the cost of these two bells representing the town and the church respectively – but we still have some way to go to reach the target of £8,000 for each of these.
• Only one of the refurbished bells (£8,000) is still available for sponsorship. If you are interested please be in touch.
• The six moved bells are being tuned.
• An archaeologist is coming to the church this month to report on the historical graffiti in the leadwork of the roof and its preservation – more news on this later.
• Bellringing experts have inspected and made suitable plans for the layout of the ringing room.
• Preparatory work will begin soon and the bells made ready to be rung for the first time in celebration of St. Michael’s day 2021, Wednesday the 29th September.

Read the draft second Northumberland Gazette article here : Second-Gazette-Article

Newsletter 2 – August 2020

Newsletter 2 Aug2020 v2

Newsletter 1 – Appeal

Appeal 1 2019 v2a

If you’d like to hear what our new bells might sound like, make sure your sound is turned on and click on the image below. Just close your eyes and listen, or watch the bellringers and the ropes to see how they change the patterns!   (Clue: you might hear the lady in the background speak occasionally to call a change…)

There is an article about the project ‘Ring in the New Bells’ published in the Church’s Gateway magazine in March 2020.

Bells A5 v3 bell

Archdeacon Mangin wrote the following about the old Bells in his History of Alnwick Parish Church:

Bells Mangin