In line with instructions from the Archbishops of Canterbury & York we regret to inform you that all public worship must cease for the time being.
The Church continues to be alive and active, but our buildings must close
We are seeing a huge increase in the number of people falling sick with COVID-19. We must distance ourselves from one another and prevent the spread of infection in order to save lives.
Therefore, as well as public worship being suspended, St. Michael’s Church, and all church buildings in the Church of England are now closed.

Further Information & Prayers

Sundays at St Michael’s:

Denwick Chapel:

  • 11.15am on 2nd Sunday – Morning Service or Holy Communion

Weekdays at St Michael’s:

  • 10.15am on Wednesday – Holy Communion
  • Saints’ Days – 9.30am

Which service should I choose?


  • 8.00am Holy Communion

A quiet early morning service usually Common Worship but, on the third Sunday of the month, according to the Book of Common Prayer.

  •  09.30 Parish Eucharist

The main act of worship for the parish, with Junior Church for children and a main service which is especially welcoming to children on the first Sunday of the month. It has a more traditional and formal feel, with Holy Communion, a robed choir and the largest congregation of the day.

  • 11.15 Late Morning Worship

A more flexible and varied service, which includes Holy Communion on a monthly basis. The music includes some traditional hymns as well as contemporary Christian songs. A small and welcoming congregation with provision for children. This service does not take place on the first Sunday of the month as we join with the 09.30 Parish Eucharist.

  • 6.00pm Evensong

A traditional evening service according to the Book of Common Prayer and sung with Anglican chant and including hymns and a sermon.


  • 10.15am Holy Communion

A said service of Holy Communion (Common Worship) followed by coffee and the opportunity for fellowship. Once a month, on a rotational basis, we are joined by a class from St. Michael’s Church School and once a term the worship takes place in the school.

Denwick Chapel:

  • Second Sunday of the month at 11.15am.

A small chapel of ease built at the expense of the Duke of Northumberland in 1872.within the pretty hamlet of Denwick. A small group of worshippers gather here monthly with services alternating between Holy Communion (Common Worship) and Morning Prayer (BCP).

Other Services

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