Happy Place

Jane,  July 2021

When lockdown first started last March, it was suggested by a friend that one way to cope was to think of your ‘Happy Place’. After a while, I realised that my ‘Happy Place’ is my greenhouse. I can spend hours there, planting, watering, pottering and simply noting what is growing.

One thing I do like to grow is tomatoes. I start in January on all the bedroom windowsills and by March they are ready for the greenhouse. I watch them daily as they grow and begin to flower, then joy of joys, the first fruit appears. I am beyond excitement. Every time I come home I dash straight to the greenhouse, how much has it grown, does it need water, is it changing colour? There’s not much I don’t notice about that first tomato.

Then over the next few days, a few more tomatoes appear, then a few more and soon, there are more tomatoes than I know what to do with. I don’t really notice them and I’m certainly not beyond excitement any more. They don’t seem so special any more, in fact, if I’m honest, I take them for granted.

I’m afraid to say I often do that. What was at first something to be cherished and nurtured is just taken for granted, it’s just another tomato plant.

But that’s not how it is with God. Each one of us is cherished and cared for individually, just like that first little tomato in my greenhouse. Each one of us is as important to Him as the next. He will never take us for granted, He will always care for each and every one of us.

In these coming days as we hopefully come out of the awful days of Covid 19, as life gets back to normal, take some time to look, notice the wonders that are all around you and remember that you are one of them!

With love and prayers,
Jane Scott

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