Journeying with God & Friends

St. Michael’s Vicarage

Dear People of Alnwick,

After the success of last year’s Sponsored Walk we have decided to repeat the event and so, on Saturday 18th August, another intrepid band of walkers will be striding out for approximately six miles – hopefully with full sponsor forms and raising some much-needed funds for St. Michael’s!

In addition to fundraising however, journeying alongside others is a rewarding and positive thing to do in many different contexts.

For those of us who will walk together on the 18th there will be opportunities to get into discussions – in twos or threes – about all sorts of things, to find out more about each other and to simply enjoy each other’s company.

Perhaps, like me, you journeyed together with one or two in your earliest years at school who have remained lifelong friends. Perhaps you have stayed in touch with a colleague from your first job or with a fellow-parent you came to know at the school gates as you dropped off or collected your own children day by day.

Whatever the context, growing in friendship and trust is central to an improved quality of life. We do not need to be constantly in each other’s company – but a regular acknowledgement and exchange of news and views is important.

Our recent ‘Strawberry Tea’ was a splendid example of lots of people just enjoying being together: journeying along life’s way and, in the simplest but most fulfilling of ways, enriching each other’s lives. After-service fellowship over a cup of coffee and showing interest in what others are doing adds an extra facet to who we are.

Of course in current times letter-writing has largely been replaced by e-mails, texts and ‘skyping’ but that need for ongoing contact is what builds up firm foundations.

A once-a-year note which says ‘we must catch up sometime soon’ on a Christmas card is not sufficient to maintain a true and deepening friendship – and, of course, the same is true of our relationship with God: the more we are in touch, the deeper the relationship will become.

All of us are ‘busy’ people but we can all make time for our friends if we really want to.

God never tires of our being in touch with him. Consider the time it takes to write a letter. Perhaps you can devote that amount of time consciously placing yourself in His presence. If that is too great an ‘ask’ then think about the length of a ‘phone call with someone who is important to you. Even the few moments it takes to send off an e-mail or a text, if spent ‘in touch’ with God will enhance our awareness of how much he has done for us and for the whole of humanity.

So, if the prospect of journeying alongside our sponsored walkers seems a little daunting – or is simply physically impossible for you to contemplate – do remember that journeying alongside God can be done anywhere, at any time, even from the comfort of your favourite armchair!

With every blessing,


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