The Bells at St. Michael’s

St. Michael’s Vicarage, Alnwick
September 2021

Dear People of Alnwick,

The front cover of this edition of our magazine shows Mark, Bishop of Berwick, at the wonderful service of blessing for our ten bells on 9th August before they were transported into the tower over the following two days and then given a ‘test run’ on the evening of 12th August.

What a joy it was to hear the bells pealing out over the town — and expertly rung by a team of ringers from all over Northumberland as well as Newcastle and South Shields.

As I write, the work of ensuring efficient sound control is taking place and within the next few days the refurbished clock face will be returned and attached to the carefully re-sited clock mechanism. Soon the scaffolding will begin to be dismantled and we will once again be able to see the sturdy tower which, if it could speak, would have such tales to tell as it has watched over Alnwick for so many centuries.

These days are, without doubt, an historical time for our church and our town as we look forward to the dedication service at 7.00pm on St, Michael’s Day, 29th September. How privileged we are to witness these happenings.

Soon this amazing set of bells will draw the faithful to worship week by week, ring out joyfully for weddings and mark significant occasions for our town and nation. For all of this, thanks be to God.

Like bells, we to can draw others to worship and show them a better way not by making a noise but by the manner of our lives and the way in which we deal with others.

By living Godly lives — not, however, being over-pious — and by doing that which is right, just and honest we can become recognised as people of faith and integrity and so draw others into our fellowship.

In a hymn which is becoming increasingly popular there is a refrain at the end of each verse:

‘All are welcome, all are welcome, all are welcome in this place.

Let us all strive to supplement the call of our new bells by doing what is right in God’s eyes and ensuring a welcome for all who are drawn across the threshold of St. Michael’s.

With every blessing,

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