St Michael’s Graveyard

Thanks to the outstanding work of Trish Jones and Colin Watson, we have detailed information of the deaths and burials for St Michael’s Church graveyard.

If you are looking for further information on someone or a group of people or the burials in the churchyard please contact or use the form on our Contact Us page. A detailed profile of all available information, potentially including dates, professions, newspaper clippings, and collected oral records can be provided on request.

Have a look at our Headstones page for the names and inscription on each headstone, in summary form as in the sample below.

B509 LAMB James LUCKLEY crop

The parish burials registers since 1646 list twenty thousand names of those interred. There were around 700 headstones listed in the 1885 survey of the churchyard but since then, many more have become unreadable due to weathering and abrasion, and many have been moved or have fallen. We are identifying those headstones which are still evident and interim details of the first 500-plus have been placed the folder in the church to aid enquirers. Work continues on those which are more difficult to identify and updates will be added.

There is an article about the graveyard ‘Recording St. Michael’s Graveyard for Posterity’ published in the Church’s Gateway magazine in February 2020.

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And in the Northumberland Gazette on 8th October 2020
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