St. Michael’s Churchyard, Alnwick
Military Memorials and War Graves

This is the summary information for Military Memorials, – headstones and wall plaques – in St. Michael’s churchyard and in the church. They are drawn from the summaries on the Headstones pages.

They are listed alphabetically on the surname and forename of the first name in the inscription. Where we have located the memorial a photograph is included. Where there is no photograph we have not yet located the memorial or it is no longer present although the inscription may have been found in other records.

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Alnwick War Graves

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission maintains the memorials to the fallen in the two World Wars and afterwards. The St. Michael’s churchyard closed in 1865 and later interments were at the Alnwick Cemetery on South Road. Many of the family names in the churchyard are continued here.

The Commission has arranged a First War Graves Week, 21st to 28th May 2021, to commemorate these.

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