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St. Michael’s Churchyard, Alnwick – Headstones
This is the summary information for Headstones in the churchyard and the burial stones in the church floor. They are listed alphabetically on the surname and forename of the first name in the inscription. Where we have located the headstone a photograph is included. Where there is no photograph we have not yet located the headstone or it is no longer present although the inscription may have been found in other records.

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Inside the Church, the ‘Floor’ button lists the pavement slabs in the chancel and the aisles, the ‘Walls’ button lists the memorial plaques on the walls. Use the ‘Ashes’ button for the plaques on the churchyard east wall.

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For the Headstones naming those who died in the 1849 Cholera Outbreak please see our Cholera page.

For Military Memorials and War Graves see our Military page.

If you are would like further information on someone or a headstone in the churchyard please contact the church or you can use the form on our Contact Us page.