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Seedy Morning!

We had a busy morning planting seeds at Mini Michaels this Thursday!   


Full of Potential!

What a lot of potential contained in these small pots for Mini Michaels tomorrow !……. Just like us!


Ponderings and Purple Sand!

I went to Cresswell beach on my day off this week …. thankfully Hubby’s hat was in the boot as it was very windy. I was pondering the power and crashing and the furious foaming of the waves and the stillness and clarity of the water in the tiny rock pools and the way it defines the detail of the beautiful shells and plants- yet it is the  same water in both . Huge, foaming and powerful/still, silent and crystal clear…… Mmmmmmmmm………..and I found PURPLE sand!( My favourite colour ) Perhaps I should bottle some for when Bishop Christine visits?! Does anybody know why it is purple? 



Who do you think you are?

Were your early years and family life straightforward or a bit messy? Mine were not straightfoward and neither were the Archbishop of Canterbury’s. But you don’t need to let that define who you are.


A personal statement from the Archbishop of Canterbury A PERSONAL STATEMENT BY THE ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY JUSTIN WELBY In the last month I have discovered



Come and have breakfast…

The topic of this Sunday’s gospel passage – illustrated by Sieger Koder

‘Come and have breakfast. Then Jesus said to Simon, ‘Do you love me…?’ Cf. John 21: 12,15

Craster & Rennington

It was very special to visit Craster this morning to preach and preside. They have the most beautiful East windows given by Amy Craster in memory of her Father John Craster who died in 1895. They feature Faith , Hope and Charity and are a copy of part of Sir Joshua Reynolds’ design for the Chapel at New College,Oxford. Do go and have a look!……..& the congregation are beautiful too!
It was a treat to go to All Saints’ Church, Rennington for the first time too! What a stunning Easter garden set into this window sill (& the biscuits were gorgeous too!)
Did you know there are 42 days until Pentecost and 21 Chapters in my favourite Gospel-John’s Gospel??So I set the challenge to both congregations to read half a chapter a day between now and then!

“But these are written so that you may come to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that through believing you may have life in his name.” John 20:31

I am visiting again soon so will find out if they did it!!!

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