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5 Things to Quit!


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Table Talk

Good chat!!

Today I am on a training day at Church House North Shields- learning to have ‘Effective Conversations’! I find the circular Metro line to ‘The Coast’ more confusing than the London Underground and so had to ask two different people if I was going the right way…. and the conversations were NOT effective!!😱Currently uncertain I will get there in time- but let’s have a conversation when I’m back and you can test out what I’ve learned!!

Narwahls give to Foodbank!

It was great to help the Year 5 Narwahls from St Michael’s C of E Primary School to understand more about the North Northumberland Foodbank. This week they handed over all the goodies they had brought to the Harvest Service that they had planned and presented this week.WELL DONE NARWAHLS!

Bye bye Bishop. 

Lip Saviours! Love it!

Thanks Emma! 

There’s a lot of Okey Cokey going on !

The sadness now is part of the happiness then.

God holds us in the happy times and the sad times. Been remembering happier times this week with folk who have lost very precious people .

Church is good for you!!

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