Alnwick Flower Power!

A flower arrangement in St Michael's Church

Alnwick will be bloomin’ lovely this August with the return of the Flower Festival featuring the work of floral artists from around the area and held this year at St Michael’s Church.

From the 3rd to 6th August the ancient church of St Michael’s will be ablaze with colour as over thirty arrangements, large and small, decorate the interior, including displays from The Alnwick Garden and from a former exhibitor at Durham Cathedral.

The cool interior of the church will be an oasis of calm, filled with the sights and scents of summer, a place to rest and a place to relax. The theme of this year’s Festival is “Leisure” and the Festival aims to be a place to enjoy a lazy summer day. If you’re lucky, you may even see a blushing bride among the blooms, as two weddings will be held during the Festival!

A flower arrangement in St Michael's Church, showing a canvas and flowers spilling out from a tube of paintAs well as flowers, Alnwick’s Embroiderers’ Guild (part of a national organisation emphasising, among other things, the therapeutic nature of embroidery) will be showcasing their skills with the needle with a leisure-themed work of art.

Alnwick Flower Festival begins with a Preview Evening on the 2nd August where the Archdeacon of Lindisfarne, the Venerable Peter Robinson, will open the festival, and ends with community sing-song, where Alnwick’s most popular hymns will be chosen and sung as part of an ecumenical church service to which all are welcome.

Amidst the frenetic pace of modern life, and a sometimes-hectic school holiday season, why not take time to smell the roses at Alnwick Flower Festival this August?

Opening Times & Dates

Thursday, 3rd – Saturday, 5th August – 11am – 4pm
Sunday, 6th August – 1pm – 5:45pm
“Big Sing!” on Sunday, 6th August at 6pm.

Slideshow from Past Festivals

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