Good News – Now

Dear People of Alnwick,

Do you remember in the “old days” when it was the common practice to lay newspaper under the carpet? A few years later, probably when redecorating, it was always interesting to read what had been in the news at the time. Often, events which seemed important then had completely gone from our minds.

And, of course, it’s no different today: yesterday’s news is old news. How different is the good news of the resurrection! For Christians, that good news is as fresh this Easter as it was on the first Easter Day.

Why? Because, if we will allow it, it continues to change lives in the present. Each new day the wonder of Christ’s resurrection offers hope and fresh beginnings to believers across the world.

Easter Day, like every other day, consists of only twenty-four hours; the Church’s season of Easter lasts for only fifty days – but the message that Christ is risen from the dead is good news every day.

None of us should underestimate the continuing power of the Easter message to speak in our lives – and the lives of other people – even in Alnwick in 2016!

So let us make it a priority this Eastertide to thank God that the message – the good news – of Easter is not just about events long ago – but about now; not just about others – but about me; not just about certain aspects of life – but about life itself.

And let us also thank God for the truths of Easter which Christ’s victory brings:

of good over evil;
of love over hate;
of life over death;
of weakness into strength;
of fear into courage;
of doubt into faith.

With the message of Easter in our hearts even the dullest day can be pierced with the light of the resurrection and so new beginnings can happen –even where there is despair.

So my prayer this Eastertide is that, with this great hope in our hearts, those we meet may see that Jesus’ victory over death and the grave actually makes a difference in our lives. If they do, it could be the beginning of him making a difference in theirs too.

Jesus lives! For us he died;
then, alone to Jesus living,
pure in heart may we abide,
glory to our Saviour giving. Alleluia!

With every blessing,

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